Production of customized jambs and architraves

"We believe in good raw material to obtain quality as a form of savings".

ECOLEGNO arises from the dream of a man who likes to gamble. It was founded in January 2000.

Since ever, Pasquale Cocca dealt with wood manufacturing. This time he wants to go deeper into the wood production. He wants to choose the essences; he wants to give them a shape in order to realize and to make use of the final product.
In that purpose, the goal of the new company is creating a production line that meets a demand for goods whose production is absent throughout the region and the country.
Ecolegno is well aware that only through the mixing of “technology and research”, through a careful “design” is possible to create a good product, which is the pride of a selected market.
Procurement markets of the raw materials are national and foreign.
Ecolegno is specialized in the production of “door frames”, “trims” and other components, for the production of interior doors.

In 2011, the company has moved own headquarters to Pip-zone (plans for production facility), which is the industrial area of San Marco dei Cavoti. Ecolegno operates in a building of 2000 m2. It works with two production lines, completely computerized.
During the production cycle, the wood wastes are channelled into a suction system, which by the recovery of fir, pine and poplar wood scraps, it creates pressed wood products, so called wood briquettes. They are very popular and requested on the market because of their high caloric performance, due to their combustion.

Ecolegno believes in good raw material to get the high quality of its product, “as a form of saving”.

Thanks to those who immediately gave us the trust and thanks to those will do it later.


Coprifili piatti

Production of jointed fir and poplar plywood trims.

Stipiti porte

Production of wooden jambs, made to measure and suitable for all doors. Fir blockboard in 5 layers.

stipiti per porte a scomparsa

Jambs for pocket doors in jointed fir.


Briquettes – During the production cycle, the wood waste is conveyed to an extraction system, which, by recovering the scraps of fir, pine and poplar wood, creates products in pressed wood.



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